I will talk about how difficult it is to find a job in Melbourne, Australia.

The current state of job search in Australia in 2024

Recently, many people come to Melbourne, Australia to look for work as a working holiday or student worker.

Australia is often talked about in the media as being lucrative, but what is it like to find a job in Australia?

As someone who has currently lived in Melbourne, Australia for five years, I would like to talk about finding a job in Melbourne, Australia.

First of all, is it difficult to find a job in Australia or Melbourne? From that point.

In conclusion, if you are someone who has been seriously looking for a job for several months and just wants to find a job, it doesn’t really matter what your English level is.

I think you can look for a job in Australia, especially in some fields related to your nation.


First choice for finding a job in Australia

The key point is “anything goes.”

For example, If you are Japanese, there are many businesses run by Japanese people in Melbourne.

If you look for those things, finding a job in Australia will be less difficult than you thought.

Before Covid, Australia was saturated with working holidaymakers, and it was difficult to find work, even if one was found.

They are forced to work for far less than the hourly wage stipulated by law, and if they are unable to do their job, they will be laid off.

My partner is Australian, and at first, even she couldn’t find a job and worked underpaid at a local restaurant.

I was working at It’s hard to find a job in Australia, and even if you do find one, you’re at risk of losing your job, and you complain about the low hourly wage.

I was in a situation where I couldn’t say anything.


Post-Covid Australian work situation

After the current Covid, the vibrancy has returned and restaurants have begun to reopen one after another, but this time there are not enough people, and Underpay

Furthermore, no working holiday or international student workers are coming to Australia, and the restaurant, which had previously been funded by working holidaymakers’ underpayments, has become financially depressed and is forced to close its doors.

More and more places are hiring people with regular salaries.

From the perspective of those of us who work, it has only been in the past few years that we have finally come to a system where we can receive a decent salary.

So, recently, there are more and more international workplaces where you can get a surprisingly fair salary, so if your goal is to make money, you have to be very selective.

Isn’t it possible to find a job in Australia and make some money?

However, if the purpose of coming to Australia is to improve your English, you probably don’t want to work at your nation’s restaurant.

That may raise the bar a bit, but it is reality.

If you have a budget and can afford to look for a job in Australia to some extent, wouldn’t it be a good idea to start by handing out resumes and building connections to gradually gain a foothold in a job?

Handing out resumes is said to be outdated these days, but if you do it locally, you might find a job.

A friend of mine got a job at a Greek bakery this way.

It is also very important to make connections.

Recently, social events have been held at bars and other places, so if you participate enthusiastically, you may meet some unexpected people.

Of course, please also apply online.


Searching for recommended jobs in Australia

A summary of the specific steps

  1. First, create a resume and apply online.
  2. I searched for related restaurants or businesses on Google Maps and handed them out one by one.
  3. In the evening, attend social events and network.

This is probably the most effective way to find a job.  Also, if you are not confident in English, prepare for the interview in English.

I will also post an article on what to know about interviewing in English, so please take a look there.


I’m not confident in my English ability either. But do you want to work in an English environment?

Isn’t a farm job the only choice for such a person?

Jobs are available relatively year-round at farms and factories, and if you choose the right location, you can work in an English-speaking environment.

Furthermore, if you can work for a fixed farmer at the farm, you can earn a lot of money. basically has a farm

The location is in the countryside, so You will not spend a lot of money, and staying in a backpack is more expensive, but it’s still better than renting a house by yourself.

It should be cheaper.

Please refer to the article on how to search for farms that will be uploaded here.



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